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Maximize your warehouse usage this way

Those in charge of keeping a warehouse up and running deserve a lot more credit than they are given. It’s a pretty demanding job that takes a lot of work and attention the majority of the time. Warehouses are mainly used as storage facilities by businesses and organizations, and this way of using warehouses is becoming more and more popular due to the many online stores popping up. Small businesses have become somewhat of a trend to start and many of these businesses go online. Once those businesses grow, they will need more space for storage, hence the warehouses.

But maintaining a warehouse and maximizing the way you use it is a hard task. If you want to keep things running smoothly, efficiently, and safely, then keep reading this blog post, you may find something of use.

Use your high ceilings to your advantage

Warehouses almost always have high ceilings and people often use that high ceiling space by having lots of shelves. But did you know there is a more efficient and overall better way to use that space? That way is called Mezzanine floors. These floors add an extra floor to your warehouse so you can easily create more space as well as have easy access to it. That’s not all, Nolte Mezzanine floors in particular even offer to custom make the floors to have them exactly as you wish.

Use simple organizing methods

Organizing the warehouse in a layout that makes sense to everyone involved in working in it is the smartest thing you can do in terms of keeping everything well organized. Employees will do their job faster, fewer mistakes can be made, and more. The better the warehouse employees can do their jobs the better things are for the company itself, and that all starts with warehouse organization.

If you are not familiar with many organizational ways, here are some tips that should help you with that.

  • Using the ABC method is a well-known way of organizing storage space. The most popular products among customers should be in the easiest and fastest place to attain. Normally this would be in the front and at eye level. The less popular the product the less important it should be to get it, so the further away it would be.

  • Any product that is very heavy should be placed at a level that is safe to get for employees (unless machinery is involved).