NBA 2K18 – Prime Time MyTeam Players

Prime Time is a MyTeam NBA 2K18 collection that includes famous players such as Chris Webber, Rashard Lewis, and Tracy McGrady.

Carlos Boozer comes to NBA 2K18 MyTeam to represent Utah Jazz. The 36 years old player retired from the NBA in 2015 but continued his basketball career for two more years alongside Guangdong Southern Tigers. This is an amethyst card.

Baron Davis from Golden State Warriors is another amethyst card. Having Davis in the team will greatly improve the performance.

Sidney Moncrief from the Milwaukee Bucks is an amethyst card with good defense. Moncrief won the Defensive Player of the Year award twice in a row.

Tracy McGrady is depicted in this NBA 2K18 MyTeam collection as being part of Orlando Magic, a team he was with for four years starting with 2000. This diamond card has great shooting.

Grant Hill from Detroit Pistons is a now retired NBA player who was NBA All-Star seven times and also received awards such as Defensive Player of the Year. The card has good ball-handling and is a great versatile diamond card.

Rashard Lewis is a diamond Prime Time card. In this collection, Lewis represents his debut team, Seattle Supersonics. The positions filled by this card are small forward and power forward. Shooting is one of the best attributes.

Chris Webber from the Sacramento Kings is another diamond card but, unlike other cards, this one won’t be found in packs. Players receive it as a reward for completing the entire set. This card has the power forward position. Rebound is one of its best attributes.

Prime Time collection also includes four ruby cards. These cards represent players who aren’t that popular but who make a great team addition nevertheless. Get good players for your team with NBA 2K18 MT in transfer market is not easy, so joining events is a good way to get the players you want. Iman Shumpert from the New York Knicks is a ruby card with good athleticism and defense. Emeka Okafor from Charlotte Hornets is a good option for a starting team. Antonio Daniels from San Antonio Spurs is another good budget card for a team that needs a defense boost. Elton Brand from Chicago Bulls makes a good choice for a small ball lineup.

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