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We manufacture fully automatic Stretch Rewinding Machines for pre-stretch


Our Stretch Rewinding Machines provide to our customers maximum productivity and flexibility of using rolls of various widths, at lower cost than machines with manual winding. They are also easy to use and maintain.

This technology has been in use since 1996 – Stretch Rewinders have rounded over 4 million reels, installed in over 10 countries around the world!

Why choose Stretch Rewinder? Stretch Rewinder is more profitable than a conventional mechanical rewinder due to: low cost per reel (even cheaper than a manual rewinder) , because thanks to advanced automation we can achieve high production rates whilst maintainingthe highest quality of the reels; Stretch Rewinders are compact, require less space

This Stretch Rewinder can be used for any widths of cores from 5 mm to 180 mm. This Stretch Rewinder https://www.engineeringcc.com/en/produkty/  can be also used for packaging with a hole diameter up to 30mm.

Hard working conditions do not scare Stretch Rewinders! Stretch Rewinder is able to deal with cores partly wet with water or other liquids and is able to wind adhesive tapes in rolls. Stretch Rewinder has many redundant safety procedures enabling it to work without supervision in production lines under harsh working conditions (for example: changing weather, dust). Stretch Rewinding Machines can also be equipped with other types of winding drums. The Stretch Rewinder equipped with an aluminium drum – ALStretch Rewinder, Stretch Rewinding Machines that can wind pre-stretch coating and Stretch Rewinder – Biaxially Stretchable Films (3D Stretch Film) are also available. The Stretch Rewinder is a machine designed to maximum productivity even in the most demanding conditions!

Automatic Stretch Rewinders This Stretch Rewinders were developed by us based on: long experience in the area of automated flexible films rewinding (since 1996); the latest technologies used for production; complex testing equipment owned and operated by our engineers. Our Stretch Rewinders are installed in different industries such as: food industry (meat, dairy products packages) pharmaceutical industry (small bottles) cosmetics industry (glass jars) producing paper packaging for citrus fruits, drinks etc.