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WoW Classic: Blizzard Announces Fall Conquest

World of Warcraft is still in great shape, the players are waiting for the launch of Shadowlands while others are enjoying the current expansion or its alternative, WoW: Classic, in which we can return, “virtually” to our youth.

Today WOW: Classic is once again the protagonist because Blizzard has announced a new esports championship of this classic version. The championship has been baptized with the name of Fall Conquest and that will last three weeks, from October 3 to 18.

The stage for this championship will be the Arathi Basin in its 15 against 15 formats. A total of $ 12,000 will be distributed, which will in turn be divided into $ 6,000 for Europe and the same amount for the North American region.

Fall Contest will be played on the commercial servers of each region with the wargames feature and the format will be as follows:

The teams, made up of 15 players, will register in the corresponding region. All players who have a level 60 character on the WoW Classic servers can participate. In both regions, the tournament will be divided into two phases: the qualifiers and the final phase.

For the qualifiers, registrations are open.The final phase will feature the six best teams from each region.Teams will face off on commercial servers with the Wargames feature, which allows you to line up on battlefields to face off against other teams from the same region.

In the Fall Conquest, for both North America and Europe, the top six finishers will split a total prize pool of $ 6,000 up for grabs.

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